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The best advertisement for any business is feedback from their customers.  And it is a good opportunity for us to find out how we're doing too.  We welcome your comments and suggestions about your experience as it helps us improve on what we are doing FOR YOU!

Some of our older posts sent in by e-mail . . .

Mrs. Mary Marsiglia of Dundalk, Maryland  writes  . . .                                                                                       Service:  July 2013


"My 1998 Malibu air conditoner had finally given out and of course it happened during the dreadful hot streak we had in mid-July.  Being 86, Russell took into consideration that I needed service quickly and he was terrific about scheduling me in right away.  I wound up needing a whole new air conditioning unit which I would have expected to be rather expensive.  Not only was my work done about $200 cheaper than I would have expected, but the unit is colder than the original equipment ever was.  I couldn't wait to tell my daughter that my car was like driving an ice box!  LOL  And to make it even better, Russell bought the lifetime warranty at his expense, so that means as long as my car runs I won't have to worry about the air conditioner.   What a great mechanic!  What a great mechanic to find - he is so nice to seniors and very reasonable!

Lisa-Lynne Chandler of Elkton, Maryland writes . . .                                                                                           Service:  June 2013


My car is older and I expect my car to ride like an older car.  What I didn't realize is that proper adjustments in my brakes, suspension, and proper tire pressure would give me a ride like it "used to" feel.  Russell did a great job on my older model Malibu and I couldn't believe it could run this well!  I'm a customer for life.

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