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Russell Bates, a 30-Year Veteran in the Automotive Industry, shares his tips, tricks, good sense maintenance information and videos to help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape! And if you have a question for the old maestro . . .  just send him a note via e-mail!  He's listening . . .

Please enjoy the VIDEO CLIP from our friends at Napa Auto Parts about maintaining your tires and making them last longer!

 YOUR ALTERNATOR:  Why we have one, what it does, and how can we avoid problems . . .

Did you know that your alternator is responsible for making sure your battery recharges?  And did you know that if your alternator isn't working it will cause all sorts of malfunctions in the vehicle.  You won't go very far and in fact, you will be stranded.  Various things (e.g., radio, computer usage, seat movement) all pulls from the battery but it relies on the alternator to keep things running!


If you ARE having troubles you'll want to check with your mechanic as soon as possible to avoid being stranded, and to make sure the alternator in your vehicle is doing the job you need.  Check the video to see if this pertains to you, and just to gain some knowledge about another important part of your vehicle!

We get so excited about our upcoming trips but we often forget about those 4 rubber circles that carry us there.  Yes, the tires!  The unsung hero of the car, our tires are responsible for much than we often think.  Did you know better gas mileage hinges on proper tire inflation?  And these days everybody needs to squeeze out as much mileage out of the tank as possible.  But let's not forget the ride itself . . .  too bouncy, too hard????  Check for proper inflation AFTER  YOU LOAD UP!  Perhaps we don't think about at the time but after you load the family and lots of luggage into the car you may have to adjust the tire pressure.

 YOUR EXHAUST SYSTEM:  How to maintain it, how it works, and what to do when something isn't right!

Until it decides to smell bad or make lots of noise your exhaust is something you may not give much thought too.  But it happens to be one of the most important systems on the car because it keeps you safe AND keeps the environment cleaner.


Did you know that by keeping your air filter changed and clean can prolong the life of your exhaust?  It's true!   The exhaust on the car is there for 3 primary reasons:

  • it exhausts the gas from the engine out through the tailpipe;

  • it helps clean the exhaust when it goes through the catalytic converter; and

  • it helps muffle the sound.


Theres lots of important information in this video clip . . .  so try and take time to watch it if you are having some problems with your exhaust! 


Most importantly, if ever smell  bad exhaust fumes when you are in  your car ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOWS IMMEDIATELY and make sure you have it checked by a qualified mechanic.


Russell will be happy to answer you.  In fact, your question may make a great topic for his column. 

So please CONTACT HIM with any question or concern you may have with your vehicle.