Why Pay More Auto Fleet Services

Why Pay More Auto is equipped to handle your Fleet Business. Our goal is keeping you on the road and out of the shop!


We realize how important it is to have your vehicles on the road and not in the shop.  That's why we give PRIORITY ONE SERVICE to our fleet customers.  If your vehicles aren't taking your employees where they need to be, your business comes to a halt!  Please give us a call or stop in to talk about Fleet Service for your Company.


FLEET CUSTOMERS receive priority service and that means regardless of how busy we are YOU will be serviced first!  We understand that your fleet is transporting goods and services throughout the day and once that is interrupted you're out of business.  Having a Company that is ready to partner with you and make you a priority gives less "down time" and more productivity through the day.



We also offer on-line access to your Company's personal service records.

We keep this on-line database on your own personal password protected page, and this database tells you when you had service on any fleet vehicle, how much the costs were, the type of services that were provided, and if there is a regularly scheduled appointment for future service on that vehicle.


This service helps keep YOU from having to spend valuable time trying to find records.  Just log into our site, go directly to your password protected page, and find the information you need!  It's just that simple -- and it's just how we do business at WHY PAY MORE AUTO!



Give John or Russell a call to discuss your personal business needs and how our services can help you stay productive.  We would love the opprtunity to sit down with you and share with you what we do to keep your job as PRIORITY.  And in so doing, that keeps your fleet up-and-running and keeps your business flowing!


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