About Why Pay More Auto





Friends for many years owners Russell Bates and John Posluszny decided to join forces and open WHY PAY MORE AUTO, a family owned and operated business that understands the importance of excellent service and fair practice.

About Russell . . .

Russell has been in the automotive repair industry all his adult life.  After working for other companies along the way Russell found that the industry was lacking in honesty, integrity and fairness.  He knew that good service could be found and it didn't have to cost the customer a small fortune in doing so.


A Certified Master Technician himself, Russell was given the honor of helping develop and write questions for the Certification Test.  Very few mechanics have been called upon for this task.


A self-professed "gear head" at heart, Russell is clearly a work-a-holic who can most times be found under a hood of a car at any given time!  But in his "off" time he is a devout family man who loves spending time with his wife and 2 grown sons and daughters. 


Upon meeting him it is easy to understand why his clear cut values and morals are the foundation of his business.  His standards of practice are high and he doesn't feel like any job is done unless it is done correctly and the customer is 100% completely satisfied.  HE GUARANTEES IT!



About John . . .

John is a 30-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department and a family man as well.  After a very fulfilling career in Law Enforcement, John decided to make a change and bring his skillset to the business he and Russell started.


John keeps the flow of business going, and you can find him most times behind the desk scheduling service appointments, ordering parts, and keeping the customers informed as work is performed during the course of the day.  His regimented background has been a great asset to their business as his attention to detail keeps things on point.


Also a family man at heart, John has a wife and kids that have been a part of the Dundalk Community for many years.  He is a hard working man who understands the needs of the regular working family, and strives to keep that "good values" sensibility in mind.


Stop in and say hello . . . . You'll find John at the front desk ready to help you in any way he can!

WHY PAY MORE AUTO SERVICE, INC. is local. We're your local business servicing local families in the Essex, Middle River, Baltimore County & City, Harford County areas and beyond.  We belong to your community and we take CARE of our community!

It's about you - the customer . . .


  • Our Company Philosophy!  We believe that our customers vehicles are as important as our own family & friends.  We understand the need for reliable, trust-worthy service at a reasonable price.

  • You won't be treated as just another customer with a broken vehicle, rather, you'll be greeted at the door with a friendly smile and a willingness to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle, and

  • When you leave you know that we appreciate your business, that quality time was spent on it by someone who genuinely CARES, and when the work was being performed it was given the utmost care and experience.   You don't often find that with large, chain garages.


Our FAMILY VALUES are what drives our shop!  (No pun intended) - - and we promise that you will feel like part of our family when you come to see us!